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My First Webcast--Free!

Who Should Read this Guide?

This document serves as a primer for your very first webcast. It is a simple, bare-bones guide to setting up and webcasting an event.
This guide is intended for those:

  • Trying out Event-Cast for the first time
  • Testing the Internet connection/speed at a new location in preparation for a full-featured webcast

The only two things you need to webcast are:

Sign In

If this is your first webcast, you will need to Sign In. Click the Sign In link at the top of the Event-Cast App home screen and sign up for an Event-Cast account. Enter a valid email address, a password, and select your time zone. Read more about your account information.

Webcast Now

Once you are signed in, tap the "Webcast Now" button on the Event-Cast App home screen. The app will take you to the camera screen prompting you to choose the duration of the webcast and the number of viewers. Choose "15 minute - 12 viewer webcast FREE" from the list, and tap "Yes" when asked to confirm that you want to start the Free webcast. Event-Cast is now processing your webcast event, and in just a few seconds, you will begin webcasting.

Start the Webcast

After a moment, the app will prompt, "Would you like to start your webcast now?" If you are ready to webcast, answer "Yes." If you need time to position your camera correctly, answer "No" and when you are ready, tap the "Webcast" button at the bottom of the screen. That's it...You are now webcasting with Event-Cast! To stop the webcast, tap the flashing "On Air" button. To restart the webcast, tap the "Webcast" button.

Monitoring the Status of the Webcast

While you are webcasting, notice the Event-Cast App flashes an "On Air" button at the bottom of the screen, and the status bar at the top of the screen reads, "Broadcasting." The status bar also contains a Connection meter that provides a rudimentary Internet connection status. A Green or blue meter color indicates that the webcast has adequate bandwidth to stream your webcast. If you are experiencing a sustained yellow or red color, that is an indication that the iOS device does not have a strong enough data signal to broadcast properly. If this is the case, see the Troubleshooting Guide for tips on maintaining signal strength.

Where Do I Go From Here?

You are now able to webcast an event. From here, you might want to Share the Webcast so people can view it or Schedule a Webcast to get finer control over characteristics like duration, number of viewers, scoreboard type, and others.

iOS Device

Event-Cast is compatible with: