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What is a webcast?
A webcast is a video or audio presentation that is streamed over the Internet. Multiple users can view or listen to a webcast simultaneously, and the webcast can be viewed either live or on demand. Webcasting can be thought of as broadcasting over the Internet.
What are some examples of events that can be webcast with Event-Cast?
Children's sporting events are popular; they range from tee-ball, baseball, softball, basketball, and football games to soccer, volleyball, and wrestling matches, to swim and track meets. Also, non-competitive events like school plays or concerts or even birthday parties are easily webcast using Event-Cast. Indeed most events that you find people using hand-held cameras to capture video are suitable for webcasting.
How is webcasting an event different from uploading a video to YouTube?
When you webcast a video using Event-Cast, your friends and family can view that video, live...they can witness the event as it's happening! When you post a video to YouTube, viewers must wait, first, for the event to be over and, second for you to upload that video.
How much does it cost to webcast using Event-Cast?
Webcasts start at only $1.99. We also offer no-obligation free trial webcasts. Refer to the Pricing Info page.
Do users who merely want to view a webcast need to pay?
No. Your friends and family view the events that you broadcast, absolutely free. Webcasts can be viewed from a standard PC, Mac, iPhone, Droid, and other mobile devices.
Can I webcast from my iPhone?
Yes! You can webcast your events using any iPhone 3Gs, iPhone4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s,iPhone 5c, iPad2, iPad3, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPod Touch4 or iPod Touch 5. To get started, schedule an event here then download the iPhone application to webcast that event. That's it!...webcasting from an iOS device is quite simply the easiest, fastest way to webcast live video.
Do I need to sign in to Event-Cast?
That depends on how you are using Event-Cast. To create a webcast, you need to sign in. To view webcasts created by other people, you do not need to sign in.